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Empowering the HealthWebTM

Healthline Networks is the leading provider of intelligent online health solutions for publishers, advertisers and health plans.

Healthline Networks enables more than 100 million consumers a month to make more confident, informed healthcare decisions. It is the only advertising platform that leverages deep healthcare domain expertise with advanced Medically Guided Search and ad delivery technology. HealthSTAT, our contextual ad targeting technology, broadens condition-specific reach for health advertisers and improves monetization for publishers.

Healthline’s mission is to elevate the efficacy of the health web, innovating search, content, and message delivery technologies, to help:

Consumers connect to the most relevant and high quality health information;

Advertisers maximize ROI by capitalizing on the improved consumer-publisher connection to deliver the right message to the right prospect at the right point;

Publishers better understand health-seeker intent and deliver a more engaging content experience.

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